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Monday, May 13, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

I don't know about you, but Teacher Appreciation always seems to sneak up on me each year. It is already in end-of-the-(school)year-busy mode at our house and then soon after we also do end of the year gifts for teachers. I love these because they would work for either of those! Actually they would work for beginning of the year too...anytime and really great for anyone, not just teachers.

I mentioned earlier that I found these great tubes at a dollar store. I added an apply with a flourish that I found in the SIL store and a thank you. So fast and easy! Then I just cut out various quotes and chalkboard labels and did some even in school colors. I rolled them up, along with vinyl of each teacher's name too, and stuffed them in the tubes with a thank you card. SO easy! AND I am hoping the teachers liked. We could personalize them somewhat to what they taught (music teacher) and to their personalities.This way, they can also take them home or have them in the classroom and can apply them where they want. I included instructions for applying vinyl too.
What is your favorite uplifting quote you would give a teacher? OR, as a teacher, what is one you would like? I always love hearing more quotes! And I DO sooooo appreciate our teachers!


Steph Thomas said...

I don't even think about teacher appreciation so you are MILES AND MILES ahead of me:)

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