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Monday, June 17, 2013

Applying Vinyl (and Inserts) to Soap Bottles

So, I showed you all of the fun things I did to our soap bottles last week:
Well, it was really pretty easy. You can actually buy the bottles empty OR buy them new and full of some likes these below.
Grab some Goo gone and rip what you can of the paper off and then spray with Goo Gone. Rub it and repeat. Some labels that are more like plastic come off way easier than the paper ones. After you get it all off, you may want to then wash the bottle with an all purpose cleaner, to get the residue off before applying vinyl. (It will stick much better this way, bc the Goo Gone leave a kinda greasy feel to the bottle.)
 If you have empty old soap bottles, just buy some filler soap! Grab your inserts, roll them up and place them into the bottle. I put the soap in first, but you can do it either way. If you put your insert in first, make sure you pour soap in front and behind the insert when filling.
 This shows a pic of the insert before placing inside on #1. I grab a long skewer or popsicle stick or something to help straighten out the insert once it is inside.
Tweezers also help, BUT hint for you...don't drop the tweezers inside the bottle. LOL See them below? haha
It really is fun seeing these sitting around the house. And so much cuter than the labels that came on them!


Steph Thomas said...

You make everything look really easy.