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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dollar Store Personalized Mini Totes

 Remember these cute little notebooks I made a couple weeks ago? Well...I was thinking about making them for my daughter's bday party. I thought it would be fun to have an arts and crafts themed bday party for her this year.
 So when I saw these cute little mini tote bags at the dollar store (2 for a dollar), I thought "Perfect!"

I wasn't sure how they would do with fabric paint bc they had a semi loose weave, but thought, here goes!
 I designed and cut our some vinyl for the bags and then placed it on the bag as a stencil. Grabbed the white paint...
 And....came up with this! The lines aren't perfect due to the fabric, but I think they're still cute and the little girls will love putting all their goodies in them!


Steph Thomas said...

ADORABLE!!! Yep I am sure your girls will love them and Allison would love it also. What great ideas.