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Friday, June 28, 2013

From this to that Friday: Riding in Style

I have two boys. One is ten and is a Webelo in Cub Scouts. The other is 13 and is in Boy Scouts. We started Cub Scouts with both of them when they were in first grade as tiger Cubs. We love scouts!

Some people are so glad to never have to do the Pinewood Derby races ever again. That's not us. I will miss it! This year was my son's last race. And I was honestly sad. One year, my husband and I and all of our kids made our own cars. I need to get them all together and take pics of them.

BUT for today's FTTTF, I have the past two years. For those of you who don't know...every boy starts with this:
 Then, they can change this (within the rules) to any shape they want. Last year, my son won Best of show with this AWESOME design he came up with. Yes, my husband and I help, but so does he though the whole process. He helps cut, sand, sand some more, and more...and he does most of the painting all by himself too.
I have to say that my boys have had some cool cars, but I really think this was my favorite (above). 

This year, my son told my husband that he didn't want to worry about winning. He had won 1st place (in speed) another year with a lego car he made and now had made Best of show and he just wanted to make one that he wanted. He just wanted it simple and wanted to stain it. He really likes this look and did it one of his Raingutter Regata boats previously. We loved his attitude about it all. He drew out the shape he wanted and helped cut it and then sanded lots!
It was so simple and smooth looking. He loved it.

Funny thing, is he won 1st place again! About halfway through the derby, he came to me worried saying"Mom, I think I might win and he was seriously sincere about it worrying him. He wasn't trying to. It even broke a wheel off at one point and his dad wasn't able to get off work that day, so I had to try and fix it. I thought oh well, maybe it will slow down bc he had been winning. It did slow down some, but he still won. :) I told him it's ok. You can be happy about it! Then the smile came. Funny boy!

Anyway, I thought these were perfect to show for a FTTTF. I love seeing all the different designs each year!


Steph Thomas said...

Since that was his last one, now maybe some of the other boys can actually win something:) haha