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Monday, June 3, 2013

Graduation Gift To Inspire...

Two of my nieces are graduation from high school this year...the oldest and first in the cousins of my kids! So I have thought about grad gifts that they could USE as they go off to college and would still be fun!

This is what I came up with: (all to be wrapped separately and labels of each on top OR all put together in a large laundry basket. Whether you just kinda dump it all I did...or arrange like a gift basket...which BTW if you don't already know....clear scotch tape is your friend!!!)

To Inspire You...
(written somewhere visible as you hand them the gift 
OR you can just say it aloud as you start giving them items...)

To work for your dreams (Gift: Dr. Seuss quote: )
To save (Gift: Frame with money inside with saying "In case of laundry emergency, break glass"
To clean (Gift: Cleaning supplies)
To be self sufficient (Gift: sewing kit, eyeglass repair kit)
To read (Gift: Book or Half Price Gift card)
To do good (Gift: Be the Good quote in vinyl)
To study (Gift: Scantrons and pencils)
To be prepared (Gift: Flashlight, TP, bandaids)
To read your scriptures (Gift: bookmark or reading schedule)
To eat healthy (Gift: Fruits and veggies, fresh, dried, or canned, vitamins)
To remember the importance of family (Gift: Picture frame and stamps or chalkboard thankful frame)
To enjoy the little things (Gift: brownie mix, Sonic gift card)
To make goals (Gift: Composition book)
To be on time (Gift: wall clock OR alarm clock, watch)
To be thankful for the many years your Mom did your laundry and dishes (Gift ideas: roll of quarters, tumbler, towel, dishsoap)
To Pray (Gift: prayer rock or small light to represent prayer as a light in the darkness)
To make good choices (Gift: CTR ring)
To laugh (Gift: Calvin and Hobbes book and Funky Pencil toppers)
To not get hung up on little disappointments (Gift: hangers)
To make new friends (Gift: "howdy" in vinyl)
So, what do you think? Think they'll like it? I'm excited!


Steph Thomas said...

Wow, that is a lot of stuff. I am sure they will like it and it will come in handy. That will be weird to have a niece or nephew graduate. In the next year or so that will happen for me. Your present is cute, fun, and practical.

lee woo said...

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Silvia Jacinto said...

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E-Z appetite said...

I like the laundry emergency one :-)

Leigh said...

Those are such useful and innovative ideas.

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