From this to that Friday: Keepsake Style Stepstools ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, July 12, 2013

From this to that Friday: Keepsake Style Stepstools

Love from this to that Fridays! I am excited to show you this transformation this week too. I absolutely LOVE them!

Saw a similar idea on Pinterest and knew I had to do this!

Started with these ugly step stools we have had forever that I actually LOVE, bc they aren't "tipsy". They have obvisouly been used.:)
 Applied some black paint and then grabbed my kids (and the dog) and came up with this!!!
My kids love them too! In fact, my 2 yr old now says "MINE!" when she sees them and points to her foot and has to name off the others too. The older ones are already claiming them when I did. LOL I have to say that the larger footprints by themself are not as cute though. My husband says it looks like a big man footprint on there. LOL (That would be my 13 year old's size 10 footprint.)

I thought later that instead of paint pens that I used to write their names on, I could have done vinyl and had it look a little "nicer", but I love them the way they are too.


Steph Thomas said...

As if you don't have enough going on in your life, you are still posting. Good for you. I love that you added your dog to the boy's stool, it adds that extra cute touch. That is such a great idea though for all of them.