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Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Personal Mini Pumpkin Patch!

I have ALWAYS wanted to grow my very own pumpkin I had this grandeous idea this year to create my own. We JUST moved though, so I obviously didn't plant one. So I thought, How fun would it be to create one with all different variations and textures and styles of pumpkins?! Some wood, some metal, some real...get the idea? Problem though was I had NO scrap wood like I normally did, nor did I have a shop set up (since we literally JUST moved in), so when I passed by this local pumpkin patch and saw soooooo many kinds of pumpkins, my husband was soooo nice to stop and help me pick some out with my girls. :) (Pics with them on FB). :) And let me tell you, we hit the jackpot!

I still used some I had that were out of various materials and want more of that kinds, so I don't have to buy so many each year, but this is a start and I have to say I LOVE IT! I love driving up our street and seeing it in our front yard as I come home! :) Turned out so fun and festive for the whole fall season!
OF COURSE, we needed a sign too!

 And who can have a pumpkin patch without a fun photo op?!!! LOVE!!!

 Sooooo...this is just a beginning...for next year! Hee Hee! Love fall decorations and the festivity they bring!!!


Steph Thomas said...

SO FUN!! It looks adorable!! I would love to that to be in front of my house. I think you should come decorate my house for me:)

rpp said...

Thanks! I wish I lived close enough to come over!

Janine said...

I am in awe of how talented you are!! How you manage to be so creative while taking care of your little ones all day is beyond me. Hope you're doing well :)