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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Mini Library

Ever since we moved from TX this summer, we have not had enough bookshelves...You know how moving run out of room at the end and leave things behind that you wish you had once you are in the new house! Well, we left two or three sets of bookshelves and I have missed them!

Thanks to my ever so willing and helpful husband, we now have a new set tucked at the end of the kids hallway. So they have their own little library!

I think it turned out fun and inviting, how about you?
And of course this piece had to go on top, although I do think I would like a world map behind it better. Either way, love this and the book "Oh! The places you Go" By Dr Seuss together on top!


Steph Thomas said...

I thought I had commented on here already. This is so cute....but then again what do you do that isn't? Your books are SO orderly. I bet you had a take a picture quickly before it got all messed up. That is how it would be at my house.