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Monday, December 2, 2013

Available now! Nativity Wood Chip Garland Stencil

Due to the large amount of responses asking for the stencil I used to make my Nativity Wood chip garland, I have listed it in my shop. FYI though, I am only taking orders through Dec 5, so just a few more days, before I close my shop for the holidays.

They will come as just a little vinyl decal stencil that you just peel off and stick wherever you want it. They are more likely only able to be used once. The center figures are already cut out and will not be included, nor any other materials. Just the vinyl stencils. If you buy three or more sets, I can create a custom order and discount the price.

Here's the link!

Thanks for all the reponses! :)


Brady Hall said...

Is the stencil still available to purchase for these? LOVE!