Goldilocks chair joins the Bear Family ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Goldilocks chair joins the Bear Family

Remember the From this to that Friday earlier this year when I redid this table? 
 I absolutely love the fun look I created with it. 

I added Bear family names to all the chairs too! (Idea courtesy of my husband) :) 

Well, I have thought that I needed a Goldilocks chair ever since then, but wasn't sure where to put it or how to fit it in, but finally I found the most fun, perfect spot! On my daughter's little rocking chair next to the fireplace. What could be better? Doesn't it seem JUST like the place Goldilocks would have come and sat? heehee And you walk by it on the way to the dining room, so it all ties in together still.
Love adding little bits of character all over our house. So much more fun! 


Steph Thomas said...

You are so creative. I wish I could hire you to decorate my house.

rpp said...

I wish I could bake pies like you Steph! Or that my house was as clean as yours all the time! ;)