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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Inspiring Ginger Snap Crafts

If you have been following me awhile, you might have heard me mention that a friend of mine runs the cute, inventive, creative, inspiring Ginger Snap Crafts blog and FB site. She is almost at 10,000 likes! Amazing! She is an awesome blogger and I love her ideas and recipes too! Right now she has the BEST! PB cookie recipe AND snow ice cream! on her blog too.

If you haven't done it yet, hop on over to her FB site and like her page and help her hit 10,000! You can find here here:

Meanwhile, I think I will eat another one of her cookies! Yum!

3 comments: said...

A blog post, too! You're making me blush! :) You are just as inspiring, creative & amazing....well actually a lot more! I'm so glad you're my friend. :)

Steph Thomas said...

Liked her on facebook.
I can't make cookies or anything sweet for that matter or I don't have any self control.

rpp said...

Thanks Steph. She is actually Sister MckNeely's niece and I have known her since college and now we are in the same ward again. Her blog is awesome! You'll love her stuff!