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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Canvas Re-Do! {Do-Over}

Have you ever started a new project on a pre-stretched canvas and messed it up? I have! OR do you have some old canvas paintings lying around that you really don't use anymore. Well, here's one idea of how you can STILL use them, repurpose them, or get a second try with them!

I was trying out using a vinyl stencil on a pre-stretched canvas I bought and seeing if I could spray paint the design onto the canvas this way. Well, that was a BIG no to that question as you can see. IT did NOT go well! haha BUT I was thinking...I hate to just throw this canvas out. There's gotta be something I can still do with it! And the light in my head came on! Why not cover it with another fabric and use as a design in the house still.

My son's bday was coming up and and re-decorated our fireplace mantle for his bday and this was perfect for it! I grabbed some cute grey and cream neutral chevron duck cloth I had on hand and my handy staple gun and easily stretched that cloth right over the messed up design. Added a vinyl letter B (for my son's name) and got an super fast and easy re-do! Love it! (The design did show a little through the fabric, so before I stapled it down, I threw in a layer of white cardstock between the fabric and canvas. Easy Fix!) time you find yourself in this predicament or if you have any old canvas paintings or decor from years past, that just aren't you anymore...or if you come upon some at a garage sale...cover it with something else and create your own custom designs!

3 comments: said...

Cute! What is duck cloth? I think I need to get some. ;)

rpp said...

It's a heavier kind of fabric, similar to canvas. I love it! My curtains are duck cloth too.

rpp said...
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