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Friday, January 24, 2014

From this to that Friday {DIY Repurposed Drawer}

It's my favorite blog day of the week again! This week has gone by fast!! Seems like it was JUST Friday.

I'm excited to show you today's project! I have barely kept it this long! Wanted to spill the beans on it for about a week now! I love it!

I had this old drawer that I brought from our previous home. I mean OLD too. It was a house built in 1953. We gutted the bathroom when we were there and remodeled it and added another bathroom. Well...when we did. I kept one of the old drawers that had been in a cabinet in there and have been meaning to repurpose it ever since. Well, now when I look at this drawer, not only do I love that it is repurposed, but it is also a momento from our loved home we just moved from. So fun! (And it makes me smile!)

So, here it is! I went from this:

Just a plain OLD drawer, a fun shape and needs some cleaning and paint and a bit of hardware.

to this!

It was a great and easy DIY project! I gave it all a base paint and then made a vinyl stencil for the background. I then painted the light blue/aqua on and removed the background stencil. The I added the black vinyl, the drawer pull hardware, and distressed it bit.
I love it! I love how it's updated and clean and bright and fun! But I also love the distressed look I kept to remember and preserve the age and look. I have it hanging in my laundry room above the dirty clothes sorting baskets (that I showed you on a previous post). It's perfect there! (I also love the play on words within an actual "drawer". lol Yes, I make myself laugh sometimes. haha I'm
weird like that.) :)
I have another repurpose for you next week too! (So love repurposing!)