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Friday, January 17, 2014

From this to that Friday {Fun with Fireplaces}

It's Friday! Wahoo! Sometimes for me, a SAHM, Friday is almost just like any other day, but one of my fav things is my FTTTF posts! This week, I have a couple fun(ny) pics of you that go along with FTTT.

I didn't even think of this one until my husband asked if this was my From this to that for the week after I cut his hair last weekend. LOL It works though, doesn't it?

These pics were all taken last Sat am of my DH. :) Looks like I traded him in. Ha!
 And along the pic is a pic of my son at almost 2 mos old (He my first and was a chunk! born weighing 11 lbs 11.5 oz!) and now at 14. Thought the pics were funny together!
 Okay, now to me! :) I have decided I must be obsessed or insane with how much I enjoy decorating my fireplace mantle. Maybe it's bc I haven't ever had one to decorate before? I don't know. We moved here about 4 months ago, and I think I counted 6 different times I have already changed the decorations on it. (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Christmas, a different Christmas one and now). So...I thought maybe I will incorporate the changes of going from one fireplace decor to another.

So, here is my now winter mantle. I love the rustic wood and the snowflakes together. They work well together.
 The crocheted snowflakes that are hanging along the bottom are ornaments I just kept out when I put of Christmas decor.
 Had to include my new Rustic snowflake blocks too! And I love the large snowflake photography prop (from PhotoPropsPlus, a new business just starting out, Love their stuff! Post will follow about them another day...) used as a nontraditional wreath above the fireplace. I couldn't decide between adding the words "Let it snow" or "Brrrrr". I went with a change and did "brrrrr!" and love it!
 The rustic "barnwood" frames are some that my husband made out of old fence wood. And the transparent snowflakes were bought at Dollar Tree.
 And of course we needed a family pic up there with us in the snow. The crazy parents that we are took our fam out in 9 degrees one day and took a family pic. It was a sprint sessiong! We kept the kids in the car with it running and warm, while my husband and I picked a spot and set up the tripod, went back and grabbed the kids, and took two sets of consecutive self timed pics and ran the kids back to the car. lol Good times, huh? (Hope they remember it that way. lol)
 And lastly, today...I thought I would share what someone else has done to turn an everyday thing into something else even better! Found this on Pinterest from and I thought it was great! (In fact, I JUST threw out a few tshirts and now wish I didn't. (What did I tell you earlier this week?!!! That's what Pinterest does to you! lol) Anyway, think I will try this out soon. Check it out!
Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Lauren Lanker said...

Oooo! Your mantle is gorgeous. Love that your Silhouette helped create so much of it. So glad to have you in our FB group and that you're already benefitting from the community we share! That's what it's all about.