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Friday, January 31, 2014

From this to that Friday {OLD Bedframe Headboard Re-Purposed}

You probably know by now that I love to re-purpose or upcycle things. (Along with some DIY...these are probably my favorite things!!) Well, that's what I did for today's From this to that Friday!

Do you remember last week when I posted these two items and said they somehow go together? Well, you'll see how they all fit it now!

My husband was so kind (seriously! I was excited!) to find and bring home this OLD metal bedframe/headboard. I even loved the dried vines it had on it and left them on! How fun! My mind just started going in so many different directions as to what I could do with this and where it could go! I honestly can see this one being a changing one, but for now I started out simple.

It fit PEREFECTLY on the shelf we have in our entryway and I immediately knew what I wanted to do!

I love it! Check it out!
I started with this:
and added some pictures and quotes on and above it and turned our entryway into this!
I seriously did NO prep to the headboard. Left it as is. :)

 Love the functionality of this area!
  I added a couple of fun quotes that I cut out in vinyl, but just applied to designer paper and hung up as well.
I love how the quotes all go together about our family being together too!
 I got the above little block from a friend and a children's leader at our church. (Ginger at GingerSnapCrafts...isn't she great!?) ;) She made them for all the children's teachers for this years theme! It worked great here too!
I love how I can change out the pics and have pics up from years ago and today! Love it!


Laura said...

This is so fun and attractive. What a great message to send to your family and others in such a creative way!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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