Gratitude and a New Year ~ Create it. Go!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Gratitude and a New Year

With a new year, I think of goals and all kinds of things I want to accomplish and  do better at each year. I also have thought lately about how very blessed I feel. That was actually the "theme" I had in mind for my fireplace mantle for the beginning of the year, but the snow was soooooo fun...I had to do that one first! :) BUUUT! I still have thought a lot about gratitude and want to express it and feel it much more this year. So, I had this quote in mind for a friend for a thank you and put it all together for her last week. I have to say I absolutely love the way it all came together. The colors, the fun chevron and the quote. I think I need to re-do the one I have up in my house now too!

I NEVER tire of reading this, because it can change your whole perspective and make you so much happier in turn. I want to live by this and have it engrained in my children as well. 


Jessie Cook said...

Hope you don't mind I think everything you do is super awesome and I try to make everything you make! :) This is totally what I was thinking at the start of this year, and didn't think about making something for it, but now I just might have to. You're so clever and creative!! Love it! (and love everything else you make! :))

rpp said...

Awwww thanks Jessie! Go for it and make one! I love it up all year round! :)