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Monday, January 27, 2014

Hogs and Kisses in a Can!

Want a fun and inexpensive idea for a small, cute gift for Valentines Day? This one is great for your kids, your kids' teachers, your friends, special someone...anyone!

And pretty simple too. All you need is a small piece of red or pink paper, a can (I used a tomato paste can...but I think this would be adorable in a mason jar as well!) a bottle top lid, some red or pink paint (I had red on hand...) and some candy kisses. 
Throw it all together and there you have it! (The eyes I did actually cut out some vinyl eyes, but paper or googly eyes would also work. The tail is just a circle cut around and around [like a snake] and adhered with a glue dot.)

As I made this, I wanted to include this cut stamp I have had for years and was thinking I would just hang it from a tag or something, but then thought "How fun would it be to put on these super cute heart paper ticket shapes I have from the SIL online store and include little "coupon messages" on them as well!?" I love it! I decided that I would even make coupons for my kids this year. Kids are always making them for their parents, but why not have it reciprocated? I love the idea of not just saying "I love you" one day, but showing your love continually throughout the year. Last year I made this fun little chalkboard "I love you because..." board that we would write on and leave in someone's room and then they would pass it on and do the same for someone. I love how it went from one person to another for weeks. So, the ticket idea is a fun way to keep the love flowing too!

 They go great together, don't you think?
Love this little guy! So fun!
 Keep coming back all week, because it's going to be a good one!!!


Steph Thomas said...

you are too creative for me

Ginger@gingersnapcrafts.com said...

Cute! You are turning into a Razorback! ;)

rpp said...

haha Ginger! I almost put a disclaimer at the end of the post, that this did NOT mean I was turning over to the "dark side" (Razorbacks, but was still a hard core Aggie fan. lol

Joyce Fisher said...

What a fun Valentine's project! Your kids are going to love it. I loved the idea of the chalkboard that you did last year too!

I'm really honored that my "LOVE Banner" was included in the Silhouette "Valentine's Day Round-Up" along with your fun "Hogs and Kisses"!!!

Peace, Love and Joy,


rpp said...

Joyce, your banner is absolutely adorable! i LOVED it and felt the same about being included with you and so many other talented ladies!

Anonymous said...

how many kisses did you use each

rpp said...

I honestly have no clue. Just filled it up! ;)