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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Inspiration (and a Shout-out to Etsy shop owners!)

I have a humongous!!! list of projects that I have thought of or seen and been inspired by that I want to make and do. I even started keeping a little notebook next to my bed, so I could grab it and write down ideas when I am TRYING to go to sleep at night and can't. (My mind won't stop!) The catch is finding the time to do them!

I see ideas on Pinterest all the time and it makes you want to keep EVERYTHING you see and have and find to turn it into this...or that...and then it drives you crazy feeling like a hoarder and the clutter, so you throw it all out. Then as soon as you do, you find yourself needing one of those above mentioned keepers and wishing you hadn't thrown it out. LOL Am I the only one like this?

I also love looking through other etsy shops and seeing the talent of others and what they have come up with. Most of the time I find that it is less time and cost to actually purchase from them too, bc by the time you buy all the supplies to make something you see, you spend as much or more than what they charge. I am also a bit partial to helping other creators out by showing them that their time and talents are of value, so I love buying on etsy from other sellers.

Well, this past Christmas, I wanted some wooden puzzles for my little ones. I found the cutest little jungle animals for a steal on etsy at Southern Made Signs! They are adorable and my girls love them! They are challenging enough to make them like doing them, but not too hard that they can't do them by themselves or with just a bit of help. I love how it encourages independence and confidence both, as well as entertainment that is not on a screen.

In getting these, I was reminded of a wooden name puzzle that one of my older kids received as a gift years ago, and decided I wanted one of those for each of my little girls too. What a great way to teach them letters too! So, I asked my dad if he could help me out with these, since he has a CNC router (an amazing machine {or robot as my kids call it} that cuts wood and other materials out into the design that you put on the computer). I love the way they came out with the letters raised. I haven't seen them that way before, but LOVE them!

Here's a pic of them raw and just cut. Now back to the time issue. Gotta find the time to sand and paint now, but I love! And my girls are excited to get to "help" me paint them now too. (So I shouldn't feel guilty that they got them unfinished for Christmas, right? haha) I'll show you how they come out when we get them done!
So, what are you inspired by? Favorite online sites to visit? Places to go? (Obviously Pinterest! right?)

Some other talented Etsy shops I like to visit (and most of who I know personally or have purchased from) are:
Spotted Nest
Anise Press
Lazy Lilac
West Vintage Trading Co
alli's creations

and SOOOO many more! Check them out!