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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Organization=Therapy { Our Clipboard Craze}

I don't know about you, but for me...the more cluttered my house is...the more cluttered my mind feels. We moved this past summer and it was kinda like a fresh start for me I decided as far as how some things are organized in my house. I am just now finishing up this organizational project for our house and love how it is working.

You know when your kids come home from school with a bazillion papers? I used to just have them put them in a drawer and we would go through it when it basically wouldn't shut anymore. lol Yeah, not working anymore. Well, I was driving through a restaurants drive thru and saw this idea in through the window. I don't know what they used them for, but I knew what I could use them for!

I went out and got 6 clipboards, one for each of my kids and an extra for a quote or for household misc paperwork that needed to not be forgotten and decorated them up a bit and hung them on the wall. (I used vinyl to cut out and make stencils, and then just spray painted on them and took the stencils off. The letters are vinyl.) They turned out so fun and look like decoration up on the wall! lol (Especially since they match my dining room curtains!)

The black strips in between each row of clipboards is chalkboard vinyl that I use to write little notes each week to remember for each child and what they have going on that week.

They each have their monogram (or initials) on the clip part of each board to help them and me remember who's is who's. I had thought of putting their initial on the actual bottom of the board, but then you can't see it when papers are on there, so this worked!

AND...I absolutely LOVE the way they are working! When my kids come home with a Book order or a paper that needs turned back in...or something else that doesn't constitute saving it and filing it (which, yes...I got that set up too!) or throwing it away it goes on their clipboards. (So something we need in the near future and don't want to lose in a stack of paperwork!) It works great!

For my little ones, they hang their artwork up there, since they don't have any other paperwork right now that needs attention. This works great for that too!

So easy and yet makes life so much better! Now I don't get frustrated looking for the field trip permission slip they brought home last week! What do you do with all the paperwork in your house? I love hearing new ideas.

And By the way...this is what they look like now! Maybe not as pretty, (lol) BUT they work!


Pam-GetSilvered said...

These look fantastic. I love all the different patterns you've used on them and they are so practical too!