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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rustic Snowflake Blocks {Plus Tutorial!}

We recently moved this past summer and are used to TX weather, meaning no snow. Well, we have it now and are loving it!!! Our kids are already on their 10th snow day, and they will most likely lose their spring break, I have to say it still makes my heart happy when it starts to snow. Maybe it's all those snowless years in TX, but it's still magical to me and I am loving it!
So of course I have had snow on my mind too and thus in my decorations and projects!
And they were so easy too!

Quick tutorial for you!
You'll need:
 a 2x6
2 colors of light blue paint
3 vinyl snowflakes
and some brown dye ink. 

First cut your 2x6 board into 3 squares. Then add your darker of the paints. I painted just the fronts of mine. Add a tad of lighter blue streaked down the front of the block. (Go with the grain.)
Take your sandpaper and sane the edges a bit and randomly here and there to the front as well.
Then, take your ink pad and literally hold your inkpad and run it up and down the sides lightly and quickly. You can always do more. Then hold it flat in front of the painted blue and very slightly do the same. Lightly let the ink pad brush against the painted blue here and there. Don't over do it. Less is more typically.

I also took the inkpad to the sides some too. (You can also take a sponge and rub it on the inkpad and then sponge the wood instead. It creates a similar look.)

Add your snowflakes...and there you have it!
Originally I was going to add the words "Let it snow!" on top of each and if I didn't age/distress it, I think I still would have. But that made it busy enough, I decided I liked them simple and as is. 
Hope you decided to try it! So fun! (Even my little girls have been working on their own!)