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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Superbowl Snacks and Football Fun for the kids!

It's almost time for the Superbowl! That means yummy snacks and entertainment to keep the kids busy!

I shared a yummy cinnamon roll recipe last week here that would be perfect for a sweet treat during the game. Buuuut...if you're looking for more than that...I put together a collections of the best snacks and treats for the big game! Sure to please both adults and kids both!!!

They all look soooo good, don't they?! From your basic soda and drinks, and cookies, to your chocolately pretzels and crock pot homemade Chex mix, to the chocolate covered strawberry footballs and stadium snacks...they're all perfect. Check them all out below!

In order of pics left to right, top to bottom:
1-Your basic goodies: candy, cookies and drinks!
2-Whipperberry's taco bites I found at
4-Crock pot chex mix (source unknown, but what a great and easy idea! Just get the recipe off of the Chex cereal box!)
5-Chocolate covered strawberry footballs (image found pinned from no known source)
6-Leftover potato Skins from (they look sooo yummy!)
7-Crackers and cheese Stadium (source unknown from pin)
8-chocolate kiss and m&ms melted on pretzel squares (source unknown from pin)
9-Apple helmet and football sandwich from

PLUS if you want a few more goodies I found on Pinterest, you can go to my Pinterest board here. can't forget a little fun for the kids too. Here are just a couple of easy and quick activities for them!

Rememeber Paper Football? My kids still love it! And what makes it even more fun?!!! A $2 tablecloth that looks like a football field to do it on. (Walmart) PLUS it doubles for your snacks too!

And just in case, you have never made a paper football...

and another fun little activity to keep their little hands busy for awhile! Plus it doubles as their treat holder!

You can make this with craft foam or just brown cardstock. (I just cardstock bc I had it on hand already. The only other thing you'll need is a paper punch, a little white paper and glue, and some white/string (or color or your fav team!) yarn.

I started with a full sheet of cardstock and folded it in half. then I cut out the shape of a football and some small white strips to let the kids glue on as the laces. I cut the yarn and put some tape around one end so it would be easier to thread through the holes. Then I punched some holes along the bottom of the football and let the kids go at it!

 If you noticed, my kids both laced it up two different ways, but either way, it turned out great!

 It looked asesome! 

She thought so too!!! She was proud of it too. Funny girl!

 So fun! Hope your kids will enjoy it too!

Have a great Superbowl weekend!