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Friday, January 3, 2014

The Illusory Balance of Life

I didn't mean to, but apparently I fell off the blogging platform. I don't know how to do it all. Between etsy and blogging, creating new items for sale, fulfilling tons of orders, and then family life and especially Christmas time when we had extras here, well, obviously, something had to drop. HOW do you balance all you do? Any suggestions out there? I am working on major changes to my etsy shop right now before I open again on the 13th. I'm also working on a list of my goals for the year and goals for my family and re-thinking some areas of my life that seem to require large amounts of time. Anyway, no worries, I'm still here. I am posting more on FB and Instagram than on here right now though. So catch me there! :)


Sheena Anderson said...

I pretty much did the same thing in December. Life is crazy and well kiddos come before my blog. Actually I realized today I haven't sewed in over a month but I keep buying fabric, it's time to do some sewing!!

rpp said...

I'm with you Sheena! My goal this week is to clean out my craft room (er closet) and make room to have my sewing machine out on a regular basis! And I think my husband has banned me from fabric stores at this point. lol

Steph Thomas said...

I think the world is going more towards fb and instagram, but I am still a blogger. It is my family journal. Some things we just have to say we can't do it all and let go, and it is ok to do that. It is all about priorities. We can't do everything so whatever is most important now should take up your time. I am so amazed ALL OF THE TIME at how much you do and get accomplished. If blogging doesn't work out, I will still be seeing you on fb. Do what you need to.