Cupid's {Pixie Stick} Arrows and Targets Valentine Snacks ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cupid's {Pixie Stick} Arrows and Targets Valentine Snacks

I LOVE simple and fun little holiday themed snacks. They are so fun, yet go so fast, so I don't like to spend a TON of time on them!

These are so fun! And easy too! All you need is some pixie sticks, your old Christmas curly ribbon, some paper or vinyl...

and some kind of treat that is a circle. 

So fun and adorable and the kids love it!

 You can also stand the arrow up right into most treats!
 And just for a bit more fun...pick up some dollar heart necklaces at your dollar store, cut them and then hook them all together, add some pics of your loved ones and you've got some easy and fun Valentine bling for decoration in your house!

 Have a Happy Valentines Day!


Emily @ Two Purple Couches said...

These pixie stick arrows are so clever!! Thanks for sharing at our Creative Spark party!