Repurposed drawer to Dog Bed ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Repurposed drawer to Dog Bed

My daughter's dresser did not fare well in our move this past summer and I finally gave up on it last week. 

We also recently adopted a new friend for our family, and I thought...what a great bed for her!!! She likes to crawl UP onto beds and couches and we are trying to keep her OFF the couch, so I thought this might help. I still want to add some little legs to the bottom of it, but first I thought we'd try it out. So I threw a pillow and fleece blanket in it to see what she thought. 

At first she climbed in and checked it out and got right back out. 
Then it seemed everyone else in the house climbed in. lol 

Finally she got back in, but the early bird gets the worm!
 Apparently she didn't have first dibs anymore. 

Think I need a larger drawer! :)