From this to that Friday: DIY Photo Puzzle ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, March 21, 2014

From this to that Friday: DIY Photo Puzzle

I posted this awhile ago (near Christmas) on my Instagram account, but it hadn't made it to the blog yet (like so many other things!), and I LOVE it, so thought I would share it with you!

It's so easy and simple and so fun! A great gift for almost anyone! Your kids, for mother's day, for grandparents. Love it!

I found this wooden "puzzle" frame at Walmart (and also at Oriental Trading for about the same price) and immediately thought how fun would it be with an actual photo on it?

I spray painted the base/frame. Ordered a large photo from Sam's for a couple dollars, trimmed it down to the right size I needed, cut the pic into the same size squares as on the puzzle, and mounted the photo squares with spray adhesive and rubber cement. (Modge podge or decoupage would also work.)

They made great gifts for my little girls. I have two made and another fam pic ready to go. :)
Smiles all around! :)