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Monday, March 17, 2014

Giveaway and a helpful tip!

My FUN 2 year old decided I need to learn something new last to get sharpie/permanent marker out of carpet! Joy! I found this great blog though that was oh so helpful and wala! I got it out! Amazed at Hand sanitizer's many uses! LOL

Check out her blog and tips on getting permanent marker out of almost anything!

Four Plus and Angel

Okay, who's up for a give-away?! I AM! Help us get 23 more likes on my FB page (that's it! 23!) by likingmy FB page AND post, commenting on FB or here, sharing on FB, and pinning ffrom here and you're entered! (But let me know you did all of the above too!) AND I will give away your choice of either a set of small chalkboard labels found here in my Etsy shop, seen below.

Decorative Chalkboard labels with Adhesive Backing

or the hello in vinyl. (Your choice of white, cream, or black)

Yeah!!!! THEN, keep going, because when we hit ANOTHER 100 (700 likes), I'll give away the vinyl to make a large growth chart!!!! So, come on, start pinning and sharing!!!!