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Thursday, April 3, 2014

{Fireplace Mantle} Decor on a Dime

If you have visited my blog before, you have probably seen several different variations of decoration on my fireplace mantle this past year. I LOVE changing it up! Whether it's for holidays, birthdays, seasons, you name it! Well this one I thought of back in December. I was thinking about the New Year coming and was thinking that my "theme" for the year should be "blessed". My life is not perfect, nor are my children or husband, nor am I, but I truly do feel blessed. When we take the time to think of the many things that we have in our life, our perspective and attitude changes for the positive. I wanted this constant reminder in our home more. So, here it is!

I love combining ideas, or metal and wood, or old and new, so I tried some of that this time too.

 I used my old fence wood chunky frame again (that you can find on the side of the wood to make a DIY yourself), but added a little color with some fabric flair I got from scraps I had and a little twine.

This was just a scrap piece of pine wood I had laying around. I spray painted it with a metallic hammered metal look and browned the edges trying to get more of an older sign look. I wanted our family to be our "feature presentation" in our home, not the TV or other things. We are all here for each other. So I also included a fam pic and a few more 8x10 fam pics I had (or you can get printed for minimal and threw them up in the negative photo prop frame I have just as is.)

I had a couple of these photo cubes from a couple years ago and thought they would be great to add to the mix and give more height variation son the crackled glass candle holders (which I found at Tuesday Morning back in the clearance section for just $7 ea! Love that store!) I needed one more and had this plain black one that got started for a project and never finished, so I threw a family crest shaped vinyl on it with the first letter of our last name. If you don't have a vinyl cutter, good old fashioned paper and scissors work great too!)

 And then I grabbed some burlap I had and stenciled the letters on and spray painted black to change up the burlap too.

So, all in all, I spent very very little and used mainly what I had around my house. Now I know you might be thinking, but I don't have those around my house. The point is...just change up what you DO have and add a couple of new things and a DIY project or two and you will have a totally updated new look!


Steph Thomas said...

I really don't have scraps just laying around. I have some thread, that is about it:) So cute:)