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Friday, April 4, 2014

From this to that Friday Box style

For those of you who are newer on here, Fridays are my favorite, bc I love posting often everyday items that I turn into something else.

A year or so ago I posted "From Box to Bin" here. I took some of the many many many! Girl Scout cookie boxes I had and turned them into cute bins for my house. I still have MORE to do! To date, that is still one of my fav posts. :)

From this:


I even posted a tutorial on how to make this bin yourself on the original post linked to above if you'rein the mood for a little DIY project of your own.

Well, there is sooooo much else you can do with boxes. I never got to show you my kids' Valentine boxes this year, so I thought I would show you those today as more items you can make with a regular box/container around the house.

My daughter used an oatmeal container to make a purple minion for hers. :) Turned out much easier than I thought it would be. He looks a little funny to me, but she was happy, so I was too! :)

And I have to say I absolutely love the trash can my son made out of a Nike shoe box. LOVE!

So, don't throw out ALL of your boxes. Keep a small stash in the attic for that one time you wish you still had some laying around. :) And I'll be showing your more ways to recycle some of that household trash soon too!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Steph Thomas said...

You make it seem simple and to you it is...but to those of us that don't have those skills, we just oooo and aaaaa at your pictures and talents:)