Quinoa salad stuffed Tomatoes ~ Create it. Go!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Quinoa salad stuffed Tomatoes

So, my husband attended an event that our church's youth put on a week or so ago and brought these gems home with him for me. First, I love that he brought something home to me and second, it was even something I could eat! Love him even more!

They are so simple and as I ate them, I kinda dissected them and the flavors to come up with this recipe:

Quinoa Salad Stuffed Tomatoes:

Large hollowed out tomatoes
Cooked quinoa
Black beans
Chopped up tomato (from the inside that you hollowed out)
 A couple drops of Lime
Fresh Cilantro

Mix it all together and chill. So easy and so healthy and good. 
(I didn't put amounts bc this is the kinda thing that you really can do however you want...add avacado if you like that, add some chick peas or some froze peas, and put however much you want in the salad as you want and then mix with the cooked quinoa.)