SIL FB Challenge Group and May Flowers Challenge ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SIL FB Challenge Group and May Flowers Challenge

I didn't get a chance to be part of this month's challenge, but there were so many great projects, that I still wanted to share it today!

Some of my favs were:

1. from My Paper Craze. She made summer activity mason jars and decorated around them and mounted them on the wall. PLUS, I love the quote she added with it all as well. Check it out here.

2. Another favorite was some cute little spring craft boxes great for little gifts and thank yous from Gingersnapcrafts found here. Love! She has a tutorial to make them too!
                       flower kraft boxes from #SihouetteCAMEO #SilhouettePortrait #tutorial

3. And then the paper wedding roses I loved from Please Excuse my Craftermath here!!! You could use them for so many other things to decorate too! So pretty and fun and a great tutorial as well.

Once you go to either of those places, you can also check out all the other amazing projects for the month and click on any of them!

Have fun checking them out! Hopefully I'll find time to get in on it next month!