Teacher Appreciation Love ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Love

Last week I shared a collection of Teacher Appreciation gift ideas put together by gingersnapcrafts from our SILHOUETTE Challenge FB group. It had all kinds of ideas and I even thought I might try another version of the birthday calendar...but when it came down to it...I didn't have enough time. How is it every year I am up late the night before making these?! haha

I also like to have my kids help though. It makes it mean more to them and they are more excited to give the gifts to their teachers this way too. So I came up with a super little quick gift for this year where they could still help and I could actually get it done in time. :)

I have also noticed that teachers get all kinds of things about being a teacher. If they have been doing this for years, they prob have all the mugs that say "A+ teacher" on them that they can get. haha So I decided to personalize these boxes a bit more like I did their valentine gifts with our school info.

I used these little acetate boxes I have had for a couple years and had the kids fill them with Hershey's nuggets. They fit perfectly in them! Added some personalized vinyl and wala! It's nothing huge, but it lets them know we are thinking about them and appreciate them AND who doesn't like chocolate?!

I am so thankful for the wonderful teachers my children have had and for the positive influence they have been on my childrens' lives. We love our teachers! Past and present! Let a teacher know you're thankful for them today! :)