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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vintage Elegance in Vinyl

So when I think of vinyl, I do NOT think of vintage...or elegance. haha 
But I think I kinda captured those two here. 

We had a very old dresser that used to be painted horrid colors...all different on each drawer that we acquired ions ago from a garage sale. Funny thing is that it has held up the best of all of our dressers over the years and through the move. So, my daughter and I decided to paint it and give it an uplift. BUT...I still wanted to keep some of the "old" look to it. I created the background drawer designs on my computer with paisleys and flowers and then cut it out in vinyl to use as a stencil. We painted all the drawers white and then added the stencil. Wanted it a bit different too, so left one side white. Just changes it up a bit...(My daughter thinks she wants to put the letters "SWEET" down the side of the dresser where we left it white. We'll see...) Then we spray painted over the stencil and took the vinyl off. When taking it off (since I didn't prime first), other layers of paint were also coming off in some areas, which actually was kinda fun and made it look more vintage and almost like a patterned design paper you would buy. We liked it. :)

We left the brown exterior as is for now...still thinking about painting the top????
And then added some new matching liner inside the drawers.

Next we added a bit of vinyl decor on the wall above the dresser. (I LOVE!)

A candlestick and a few birds, and a few more fun little girly knick knacks on top. And my daughter was in love! So fun working on it together and a fun unique look in her room. 

We've also been working on two other walls in her room and almost have them ready to show you too! Love the feel of a newly decorated room, don't you?

I've got a new recipe for you tomorrow, so check back!