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Friday, August 22, 2014

A DIY Paint Party!

I've got some fun for you this Friday!!

My nine year old daughter wanted a paint party this year for her birthday, and if you know me at all, I didn't even think about going somewhere to do it. Why not do it at home?!

First we came up with these cute invitations we made out of paint chip cards. We made a little pocket and then put all the info on a paint brush and tucked it into the pocket.

We picked up some white cups and plates and cut out some fun vinyl to decorate them and make them look like paint palettes (plates) and like paint buckets (cups...that was my daughter's idea!). I LOVE the way they came out. Maybe even one of my favorite things for that day! :)

We picked up some canvases and brushes. She knew she wanted to paint a branch with cherry blossoms on it, so I looked online a bit and found one with the moon behind it that we thought would work great. We bought the paint, and I tried painting one for the girls to see and follow. (During the party, I gave step by step directions and had all the girls stay together in the steps and painting. Ex...everyone take a medium paintbrush and start with your light blue paint and paint a circle in the middle...)

Then we got some extra candy in little buckets for decor and to add to the cupcakes later.

I was going to buy easels, but decided against it and just used tubs to prop up the canvases and that way they could also hold some of the supplies. (BC really? Would I use a bunch of easels very often? Love saving money!)

This party was all about creating, so even the cake (cupcakes on a paint palette...so easy!!! and fun!) was up for creation. The girls used the candy in buckets to decorate their colorful cupcakes.

 Overall, I think it turned out GREAT and not too over the top. In all reality, it was probably one of the easiest kids' party we have thrown and one of my favorites too. I love how each girl was so happy and proud of her own painting and how they all turned out different.

I'm even up for another! Maybe this time with MY friends! lol


gobarb26 said...

What an adorable project. I don't have any young kids, but I would think my friends would enjoy doing this! 😀

rpp said...

Thanks! It really was so much fun!

christina reiter said...

I love your idea about propping up the canvases! I'm about to host my own and was freaking out about easels until I saw your post!