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Monday, August 4, 2014

Cast Vinyl is a Bear sometimes...

Some projects are a bear! Some you cut out several times and your machine messes them all up! Ugh. But when they are finally done, maybe they are even better than if they were easy to do! ;)

This was one of those. Looks simple enough...just words...but it's all about time too, isn't it? Finding the right font that is requested, spacing, design, cutting, cutting again, and again and even AGAIN! Then comes the application. Those don't always work out the same either. For not apparent reason either...but in the end, accomplishment and completion of a project feels sooooo good!

Photo: Complete and ready to be picked up.  Phew! (Cast vinyl can be a pain to work with and honestly making this sign was a bear in more ways than one.)

For this, I used cast vinyl; a vinyl that is more heat resistant (great going through the dishwasher even time after time or on vehicles out in the sun and weather constantly...). is tackier/stickier and stretches more easily...too easily often, thus harder to cut and much hardier and long(er)-lasting.

Yeah for it being done and now I feel proud of it too! :) (Now, don't TOUCH it kids!!!)