Makin' it Monday; Pottery and Pie ~ Create it. Go!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Makin' it Monday; Pottery and Pie

I love making things! OR creating! OR receiving hand made items...What's not to love with this combination?!

Pie? YES!
Pottery? YES!
Pottery made by your very own Dad? EVEN BETTER!

I love all things homemade, hand made, unique, refurbished, upcycled, creative, all of those! I think some of this is due to my parents. They both created hand made items as I grew up and I LOVE them! 

My dad has a potter's wheel and we get to play around on it from time to time when visiting. Even my kids have fond memories already of making things with my Dad out of pottery. 

This pie plate is a favorite piece of pottery that I have from him. (I have a bell he made out of pottery that is another fav.) I love the inside of this pie plate and the fluted edges. He took wire randomly and put in on the inside before firing it and it melted into the plate and made this design. So cool!

So, what is your most treasured item you ever received that was hand made? And what are making this Monday? :)