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Friday, August 1, 2014

Orange you glad it's Summer?

After making these cute teacher end-of-the year gifts this past spring...

I got this "scathingly, brilliant IDEA!" (What movie?!!) :)

I have wanted to try the bleach design idea on t-shirts for a year or two now and have never done it, but decided this was the perfect project for it! And boy, was I right!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the way these fun tshirts turned out for my kids and for our family's summer vacation this year!!

I got this one done before we left...

And took the others and crafted at the cabin. lol Yep! I take my crafts EVERYWHERE! HAHA

I seriously loved having them when we were floating the river. I just looked for orange to see where my kids were. :)

My older son's face did not look near as excited about them as mine though...and I hate to make a shirt that he won't wear again, so I adjusted his somewhat. lol And it was too fun and gave us more ideas to do more! :) Win! Win!

For those of you who want to know HOW to make these. I actually did not make my own tutorial this time, but am linking to the one that I found online that helped me the most. (I actually read a few before starting, just to see other people's experiences and how they turned out, and this tutorial here was PERFECT!) So a shout out to Rosey Corner Creations and a huge thanks!!! (Although I just cut my vinyl and used it as a stencil.)

After letting the bleach designs dry, I took my HeatTransferVinyl (that I cut out the words with) and ironed it over the design. So fast and easy and they look great!

So, there you have it! So easy and so fun! You've got to try it!


Steph Thomas said...

I love that you changed Cam's so that he would wear it again. It still served its purpose and he will wear it again. WIN WIN:)