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Monday, September 8, 2014

Family Feature Presentation Wall Art

Today's post is part of the FB Silhouette Challenge group I am in. This month's theme was Home Decor and I had the perfect thing that I was working on already! I love how my Silhouette lets me personalize and customize our home. So much fun! So, check out what I did below and then go check out the other 20+ amazing projects from other bloggers!

So, I might be a weird one, but I like changing my wall art every few months to a year. I just change things up from one wall to another, one room to another, or mix and match. lol Is it just me? Am I weird?

Well, I used to have much of this above our fireplace, but moved it to a wall in my living room and am loving it! I loved combining some ideas and even thought it would be great to change the pics up and sometimes have our family blooper pictures up here! That's when I really need the quote back up "These are the days we'll remember forever", huh? lol BC how true in a family! There are definitely more "blooper moments, than picture perfect moments. I love family pictures either way, so this is a great way to spotlight them and be able to change them up too. (although not the best place in my house to find great lighting for pictures. haha)

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Rachel Joyce said...

I love this idea! It makes your family the "feature" of your life!!

Trisha D said...

Wow!! Some day we're planning a movie-themed screening room (with full bar of course) and those frames are absolutely perfect.

Karen Marie Kedzuch said...

Family and pictures are important to surround yourself with to keep from going too fast in this world. I love your quirkiness with your photos and blogging.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie
Dragonfly & Lily Pads

Deanna Robinson said...

I'm like you.. I get bored with my walls quickly. So I two tend to move things around pretty often. It's fun frustrating all at the same time :)

Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

This is very fun! I think it would be great in a family room, or even toy room. It turned out so fun!

Michelle from Weekend Craft said...

Super cute! Who needs a gallery wall when you can have a feature presentation wall! Great job!

Steph Thomas said...

I always thought that once I decorated a wall it would stay that way until we moved. I am not as crafty as you and if I changed things up like that is would cost me a ton of money. You rock:)