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Friday, September 26, 2014

Pancake Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches!

Pancake Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches! 
How much better does it get?

My son had a class last year where his teacher was talking about how everything is connected...if you don't have trees, you don't have air, without air, you don't have animals, without pigs, you don't have bacon and then he ended with, "If there's no bacon, what's the point?" lol The kids loved it! In fact, we ended up even making a shirt for my son and his teacher as an end of the year gift. So fun!

Well, this time...we have bacon!

We were staying in a cabin this past summer, miles away from anything and realized as we were making pancakes one morning, that we had forgotten to bring any syrup. Ugh...BUT we made it work and now it's a favorite!!!

We got out the PB, got out the bananas and sliced them, got out the berry flavored yogurt and the bacon and what did we get? A Pancake Bacon Breakfast Snadwich! (that would not even fit in your mouth!) They were soooo yummy!!! Should have done it years ago!

Try them out! So easy!

Pancake Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches
Pancake mix of your choice (I like Bisquick for quick and fluffy pancakes)
Peanut Butter (or Caramel Almond Butter-soooo yum!)
Berry flavored yogurt
Strawberry jam

Mix and match items at your whim! So many yummy combinations possible!

What's your favorite go-to breakfast away from home? I think this has become ours! 
Just don't forget the bacon! ;)