15 minute DIY Festive {Pumpkin (Jack-o-lantern)} tshirt Tutorial ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

15 minute DIY Festive {Pumpkin (Jack-o-lantern)} tshirt Tutorial

Do you have 15 minutes? at any point in the day? How about some bleach? a tshirt? and just one of these three items? paper, contact paper (or adhesive backed vinyl), or wax paper? If you do, you have everything you need to make a fun festive tshirt!

Yep, that's all you need! I promise! Check it out! Here's a tutorial for you. ;)

First, lay your tshirt out. Get whichever of these that you have on hand...paper, contact paper (or I used vinyl, bc that's what I had) or wax paper. (Any of these will work!) Cut out some cute shapes. I just cut out the face of a jack-o-lantern. Super fast and easy. I didn't even draw it out first and I didn't use my Silhouette either. ANYONE can do this! Just cut them out and lay them on your tshirt.

If they are paper, just lay them as flat as you can or tape them down. If they are wax paper, you can iron them on.

If they are adhesive backed (like contact paper or vinyl), you can just stick them down. Smooth the edges down and get your bleach out. I poured just a little into this tiny little cosmetic spray bottle I 
had. (Do not water it down. Just use straight bleach.)

Put a folder or some cardboard inside the shirt to protect the back from getting bleached (
like in the bottom of the pic shown above). Then take your shirt outside and spray it lightly with bleach. The pic below seriously had maybe 5-6 sprays from that tiny bottle. 

Give it a minute to show up. I wanted a tad more, but not on the sleeves, so I folded them under this next time...

That's it! Peel off your stencil you made...

And wala! Let it dry!

 So easy and fun and creates a fun look...

 and smiles...

...in just MINUTES!

So many possibilities, right?