A Witch's Halloween Decorating Fun ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, October 31, 2014

A Witch's Halloween Decorating Fun

Happy Halloween!! When do you have your costumes decided and done? I used to have them decided much earlier, but this year my kids took their time deciding, some even just decided a little over a week ago! Eek! Had me scrambling a bit.

But this one has had the spirit of Halloween all month, dressing up MANY times a week in different costumes and having fun with them. With all our fun house decorations and her in this witch costume last week, the camera had to come out though!

She told me laughingly, that these boots were just too BIG for her. lol Cracked me up!

Well, it's back to work on some more last minute prep for tonight. Still finishing up a couple things on that minecraft obsessed boy's costume at this point. :)


Nancy Phillips said...

I love this young witch!