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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Best Healthy Homemade DIY Salad Dressing!

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time finding a healthy salad dressing for my salads. They all seem to have soy in them or sugar or some other ingredient or two I am trying to avoid. I want it clean! So, I played around last week a bit and absolutely loved what I came up with! AND it's only 3 ingredients and easy as pie too!

Spicy brown mustard (mine was only 5 calories)
Healthy oil of your choice (I used avacado, but olive oil or even coconut oil would work)

You can add amounts to your own taste, but I did:
Aprox 2 T mustard, aprox 1-2 tsp oil, and aprox 1-2 tsp honey and mixed in a small bowl together with a fork.

Yep, that's it folks! So easy, so good and has just a little "bite "to it.

 It was scrumptious on my spiralized (raw) zucchini chicken and tomato salad. Remember the KISS method!  It works great when eating clean. lol What's your favorite dressing you use? I'd love to hear of more recipes when eating clean. Have a delicious day!