Crafty Time Saver: 5 minute Halloween blocks {craft} ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crafty Time Saver: 5 minute Halloween blocks {craft}

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I don't know about you, but when I hear 5 minute craft! or even 15 minute craft!...I am all ears!

This one fits right in that category. SO easy! So cute! So fun! And great for little ones and adults alike!!!

All you need is:

some scrap wood (any square or rectangle shape you have works)
a little paint (white, green, and or black)
tulle or cheesecloth
googley eyes and glue dots (or other adhesive)
2 screws
and any other misc items you want

Love them! I have thought about making a bunch of mummies for weeks and have never got around to it until late last night when the house was quiet and I just decided to DO it! It seriously was so fast! And no matter how late it is, I always have fun creating. It makes my heart happy. :)
I got the mummy done in a couple minutes. Truly! Then I let it dry for a couple minutes while I gathered the googley eyes and cut a strip of white tulle. Applied the eyes with glue dots and wrapped the tulle around. It was THAT fast!

So...Then I needed a friend for him. haha (I used vinyl and freehand cut it to apply for some of the faces, but paint would work great too.)

And the I added yet another friend! I even love the imperfections in the wood. Especially in Frankenstein. It just goes with his face. PLUS I love his real screws in the side of his face. ;) So fun!

I love that they are Halloween themed, but not scary, but are fun, for my little ones. scrap wood? Go grab some and take just a few minutes and have some fun!