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Monday, October 13, 2014

Disney Junior Friends Celebrate together!

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Happy Monday everyone! It's T minus 18 days until Halloween! Eek! Are you ready yet? We almost are!!!

We ran over to our local "Mary Poppins" store, Walmart, the other day because just like Mary Poppins bag, that's where you can find anything and everything, right? haha We went there with (well, of course a grocery list!) and one other thing in mind this time though; to check out their Halloween costumes and other Halloween Ideas this year! I had two excited little girls with me, that were chomping at the bit, as I did my regular shopping. Then we finally came to the shopping they were waiting for!

Needless to say, we came home some HUGE smiles, and with some Disney Junior Friends of ours, a Doc McStuffins costume AND Minnie Mouse costume so that we can celebrate as friends do best...together!

They were so excited and could NOT wait until Halloween to get to wear their new costumes, so of course I let them play in them! How could I not?! They were in love immediately and wanted to do something fun! Well, if you know me, I was all over that! haha So we had some pre-Halloween fun days! Because, why not?

We decorated some of our Halloween candy to match the girls Disney Junior Kids Halloween costumes. SO easy too with Minnie Mouse! All you need is three circles and a bow to top a lollipop or candy stick with! Wala!

Cute cute idea for a Halloween Party Theme too! And easy peasy! Throw it all in a Disney Junior Minnie Mouse cup with some more treats and it's even better! 
Lovin' it! And the girls certainly did too!

Then we made snack time a lot of fun one day by making these fun little bears out of bread dough. Each of the girls would get several balls of dough of various sizes and I helped them put them together to make a bear. Doc mcStuffins was loving this everyday fun! Of course, she had to doctor up the bear a bit first. haha  I'd say she had fun though, wouldn't you?

My three year old even wore her Doc McStuffins costume to the doctor one day. (Of course her lamb had to come along as well.) She has also made sure to check out our dog's health! I have to say I love watching her play Doc with this adorable costume!

So, now they're just wearing them daily...waiting for Halloween and having so much fun in the meantime. And me...I just smile and love it!

What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Do they love Disney Junior as much as mine do? And do you ever dress up with them? I love hearing your comments. Thanks for stopping by! Come back again and Happy Halloween!


Nancy Phillips said...

Love your creativity! Also love the dr checking the dog!

kpp said...

Too fuN! You make it all sound easy, you can tell the girls loved!

Ginger@gingersnapcrafts.com said...

You girls are sooooo cute! It loves like they had so much fun. :)

rpp said...

Thanks everyone! They really are fun to play with! (The girls AND the costumes! haha)

rpp said...

Thanks everyone! They really are fun to play with! (The girls AND the costumes! haha)

Happy Camper said...

i agree...costumes are always meant for more days than one! i still love to dress up and reinvent myself when i get the chance...which isn't often by the time i help the kids with their plans. whether these cute costumes give you time for your own or just invite you to love every moment like your girls do, it's a WIN!

Happy Camper said...

makes me want to check out the larger Disney sizes because the body size of my crew is past the preschool isle but never outgrowing Disney Magic! i need a 2xl men's Sully! :)

Andrea Kruse said...

Your girls look like they had so much fun! And yes, Walmart has everything! #client