DIY Strawberry Shortcake Costume ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DIY Strawberry Shortcake Costume

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How soon do your kids decided what they want to be for Halloween? Some day I wont be making costumes the week of Halloween, or even the day of. haha My daughter decided the week before Halloween that she wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake. Eek! Well, we started looking for costumes and found a few, but unfortunately, they all seemed to be cheaply made and flimsy. Not only that, but they ALSO came with a pretty good price tag, so we set out to make our own. 

I actually typically make my kids' costumes anyway, but had actually thought I'd take a break from some of them this year. I am so glad I didn't though. I love the way this one came out! And so does she! (And that's really all that matters.)

I decided that we might even just look for a skirt that would work, but was skeptical, bc she obviously wanted polka dots on it. We hit the jackpot with this cute pink eyelet skirt we found on clearance at Walmart. The eyelet fabric makes it look like polka dots and she was happy with it, so there you go! (It was a few sizes too big, so I just took in the waist a bit.)

Then we grabbed a shirt at Walmart as well and some fabric that would work to make a hat, designs on the shirt and a strawberry bag (which was also a must have to her). Apparently it just isnt the same without the strawberry bag. haha

We just freehand cut out a strawberry shape out of the fabric...

 and two squares/diamonds to go on either side of it. Then I applied the same backing (that I used on the poodle skirt I just made) shown here and ironed them on and the shirt was done!
 Next, I started on the hat. I cut a large circle about 20 inches in diameter. Then I cut a bill for the hat out of some cardboard from an old cracker box) the same shape as another hat we had.
 Next, I covered it in duck tape. (No need to look pretty. You're going to cover that as well. This just strengthens and waterproofs it a bit.)

 Then I hot glued the green fabric to the bill.
Lastly, I sewed a seem around the large circle I cut for the hat. Then you can insert elastic (or a ribbon to cinch) into that seam. If you don't have a sewing machine, use hot glue. It works great!

Then hand sew the bill of the hat to the circle part of the hat. And you're done!

Now, for the bag...cut out a strawberry shape the size of your choice. (You'll need two of these, one for the front and one for the back.) It can be as big or as small as you want. Then cut a strip of the same fabric to put in between each strawberry to make the bag a bit wider. Then cut another strip of fabric for the strap of the bag and the strawberry leafy top. And put it all together. (I'm still finishing up our bag and will add it when it's done.)

The best part about the costume? It can be worn anyday and all year long! Great for everyday play. I think she likes that part about it too, don't you? haha

(The tights I ordered online, but you can look for them other places like Target or make your own by painting green stripes on white leggings too.)

And just for fun...she LOVED this cute little orange that she brought home from preschool yesterday! Love it! So simple and fun!

Hope this helps someone out there! It's really so easy and a fun thing to put together anytime of the year for any little Strawberry Shortcake lovin' girl!