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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eat Clean Recipes

So, for those of you that don't know...we mainly eat clean at our house. My husband and I stay away from refined flours and sugars (and the kids have cut down on it! but are not totally off it.) We love it! Love the simplicity, the flavors, the health benefits!

Well, today I am sharing one dish that I made recently that I absolutely loved and craved the leftovers! So good! Thanks to my cousin who has a blog here and FB site here. She does whole30, and while I don't, her recipes are still perfect for me most of the time!

I got this recipe from her FB page and tweaked it a tiny bit here and there to fit my hubby's allergies. She has the best recipes and you definitely want to check them out!

Pork Roast Sliced up over Seasoned Sweet Potato Fries 
with a side of zucchini (ccoked in the pork roast juice) 
and topped with Greek Yogurt (plain) and avacados and tomatoes! 

SOoooooo yum!

I cooked the pork roast on about 300 degrees and only added salt and pepper and water to season. I tossed the sweet potatoes in olive oil and the oils from cooking the pork roast and added S&P and cumin and chili powder and then did another group of them with Country Bob's seasoning. Then I cooked the sliced zucchini in the juices from the pork roast and added my fresh veggies on top. It's scrumptious!!

Check out her blog and FB page. You won't be disappointed!