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Saturday, October 25, 2014

ONE Minion Inspired Pumpkin and ONE happy girl!

What has been your favorite decorated pumpkin of all time? Well, this is my 9 year old daughters!

My fourth grade daughter got to go on a field trip with her class recently to a pumpkin patch. The following week they got to bring supplies to each decorate their individual pumpkins that they brought home from the field trip. She was soooo excited and knew immediately what she wanted to make!

Initially, I was supposed to be out of town the day they were decorating them. Parents were encouraged to come and help, and it tugged at my heartstings when she came up to me and said, "Mom, are you going to be gone? Because whenever you help me do a craft, it turns out so much better." Awwww...what's a mom to do?

Well, lucky for her, it ended up that my youngest got sick, and that along with other things kept me home and able to go spend the morning with her at school...decorating her Minion Inspired Pumpkin. And she was all smiles that whole day bc of it. (such a good feeling for me too!)

What do you think? Isn't he just awesome?! And really pretty simple to make too!

All you really need to make him is:
yellow spray paint
2 canning lid rings
some old jeans
and a few misc items that are optional (like buttons and pipe cleaners)

We started out by painting him in layers with the yellow spray paint.

Then we cut out his overalls from the leg of some old jeans that my son had outgown and town the knees in as well. Perfect for this! We just cut a long skinny rectangle with a little bib on it and wrapped it around the pumpkin. We grabbed some more denim for his straps to the overalls and attached them to the back with hot glue.

We tore off one of the little tiny side pockets off the jeans and added it in front. My daughter drew a black circle with a marker on the pocket and used a gold paintpen to add the "G" in the middle of it.

We just cut white paper and drew black eyes and inserted the paper into the canning jar rings for his eyes and goggles and then wrapped black ribbon around the pumpkin,

We used a little cricut tool  (An awl, or even a paperclip, would also work,) to poke little holes in the top of the pumpkin and then insert some pipe cleaners for his hair.

She then drew on his mouth with a paintpen (or sharpie).

Everything was pretty much attached with hot glue to the pumpkin and it worked great! A few more finishing touches...

So much fun and he's adorable. don't you think?!

And just for fun, here are some of the other fun designs made: