Top Fall and Halloween Posts ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Top Fall and Halloween Posts

I thought I'd share my top Fall and Halloween posts over the last few years. Some are more over than the top than others. Others are so simple, that they will take you just a couple minutes to put together! Love them all!

I loved my mini pumpkin patch I created last year! So easy and fun!

The pumpkin topiary is so fun to pull out each year, as is the Witch Parking sign. I love changing my door up, so of course I had tons of fun with the "boo!" and how easy is it to just apply a vinyl set of boots on the wall and prop a broom next to them. That one always gets all kids of compliments too! As does the bats coming out of the fireplace. I love decorating at this time of year. The ideas just done stop! Check back often to see what I am doing new this year! Happy Fall Ya'll!