Year Round Fun with School Supplies ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Year Round Fun with School Supplies

Remember those school supplies I have been working on?

Well, I don't know about you, but the back-to-school rush is C.RAZY! And I have absolutely no extra time trying to make time for anything "extra". But...give it a couple weeks, and I get to have a bit more fun! AND...give your kids a couple weeks (or months for you lucky ones out there) ;) and school isn't quite as exciting as when they first started back.'s the perfect time to make those school supplies (that they already have) a bit more fun!

So, that's exactly what I did! I took my son's folders and notebooks, my preschoolers' and 9 year old daughter's water bottles, those pencil cases they all have, "trapper keepers", anything I could get ahold of...(well, not really haha) and I snazzied them up a bit!

What kid doesn't love Minecraft? From a Creeper to and Endermen!

Think this next one will work for motivation? haha Maybe not, But it's fun!

Love knowing exactly which cup is my little ones at preschool! And if they can't read, they definitely recognize the picture!

And who doesn't like their notebooks or trapper keepers all dolled up?! My 9 year old daughter was absolutely thrilled with this one!

And let me tell you, I had all smiles as they took them back to school (again).

What do you do to make your kids' days better at school? Notes in their lunches? Reading the Kissing Hand?  Anything you do, no matter how little, can make their day! Just like they make mine with their little drawings and notes they give me. :)