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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An Aggie Owned Longhorn; and A Welding Hobby

It's a wet rainy day here today in NW Arkansas! But I'm not minding it. (Except that means goodbye to more colors in the trees.)  I love getting cozy and warm inside with a cup of hot wassail while it's raining outside. What's your favorite rainy day activity?

Today's post is a perfect example of a great rainy day activity. Years ago, even before we were husband used to have fun playing around with a bit of welding. He sold his welder one year though and hasn't done it since. UNTIL...recently when he started back up again. I love seeing his creations come to life from just a piece of metal. He designs and comes up with them all himself and wants them kept simple. I love it!

Keep reading to see more!

This was the first one he has done recently: A(n) (Aggie owned) longhorn. Perfect for our Texas themed bathroom. (as in the state of Texas, not the Univ of TX...had to clarify that since I'm an Aggie. lol) He says it's still a little rough and he is debating on painting it all black...what do you think? I like it unpainted. I think it has more character that way, but that's me. Either way, I love to see his creativity and talent!

 Top view:

I would LOVE To show you a tutorial on this, but I'm not able to help you there folks. haha I have no idea! I need to watch him more sometime though and try it out myself! There's a lot more to welding that I know.

My kids have all put in orders to him now as well for what they want him to create and weld for each of them. haha (Some of them seem near impossible!)

If you don't have a hobby, I would suggest finding something you like to do. It can be very satisfying and great for you mentally as well. PLUS, it's always great to develop some new talents and share them. So next time, you find yourself inside on a rainy day, try something new, OR get out the hobby you already have.


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