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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to Paint MDF Wood Projects {Tutorial}

Have you ever tried to paint MDF wood? MDF is great for being a cheaper option for wood projects, but it soaks up paint like crazy! Because of that, it is very hard to get the paint job looking great. You find yourself painting coat after coat after coat of paint! And still are not satisfied with the outcome!

Well, I have the answer for you! And it's really soooo very simple!

Wood glue and water!
 Yep! That's the answer! Mix an equal amount of wood glue and water. Then paint it on your MDF wood BEFORE you paint the color on that you want. It seals the wood off and makes the paint adhere so much better! 

You just grab a sponge paint brush and paint it on. 

 I even employed some helpers who LOVE to paint! This was perfect for them!
(I did however, go back over theirs to make sure they got all the edges and even it out some. The edges are the place where the paint is soaked up the most in MDF, so make sure you coat those good. You don't need it super thick, just everywhere...)

After we painted them all with the wood glue/water mixture, I set them outside to dry for a bit.

Then I got to work painting them the colors I wanted using spray paint. Best of all? Each one only took one coat of paint except for the lighter colors, which then, I applied a second coat of paint.

The wood projects I used this method on, was some photo props made by my parents. I love them! So much fun!
No more edges that don't look fully colored. And they make great fall decor inside my house too! 

 So next time you purchase or make a project that is out of unfinished wood, especially MDF, paint them first with an equal part mixture of wood glue and water and make it easier on yourself! It will help make your paint job turn out great!